Medical carts are among the most important investments that a hospital has to make. They are designed to make your work of attending to patients easier, quicker, and more convenient. With the best medical carts, your staff will be able to attend to multiple patients without taking a detour after each patient to refill their medical supplies.

A medical cart ensures that your nurses and doctors have everything they need in one portable location. But what should a good medical cart have? This article offers you the most important features to look for in a medical cart.

Important Features that Your Medical Carts Should Have

First, it is important to note that there are different types of medical carts, including anesthesia carts, supply carts, crash carts, and isolation carts. Each of these carts serve specific purposes. Therefore, each type of medical cart will have unique features to enable it to perform its intended purposes. You should know how to use medical carts to make the most of these features.

Nevertheless, there are certain universal features that every medical cart should have. So, make sure your medical carts have these features because they will determine their usability, performance, and durability. Here are the most essential features to look for in your medical carts.

Security Features

Every medical cart needs to be secure enough to keep the contents inside safe. Medical supplies like drugs, syringes, and other devices are very sensitive. Remember that some drugs you are storing in the cart could be controlled substances that are meant for specific patients. Therefore, you need to make sure that the medical carts you are using to store and transport medical supplies are securely locked so that nobody can access the supplies without authorization.

The good thing about many of the latest medical carts is that they come with highly advanced and completely secure locking systems. Which means no unauthorized persons can access the medical supplies stored inside. For example, some medical carts have self-locking drawers that are tamper-evident. Some even use electronic keypads, RFID technologies, and other special key locking mechanisms that only authorized people can open. So, before you order your medical carts, make sure they have the right security features.

You also have to understand the kind of security mechanism that will be the most secure for your hospital and the specific workflow when using the cart. For example, you have to discuss with your facility’s management about certain security aspects including identity management, security risk factors, and security protocols.      

Size and Capacity

Since most hospitals and medical clinics have limited space, they are always looking for ways to capitalize on the little space available. That’s why you should ensure that the medical carts you purchase for your hospital do not occupy too much space, which can leave your room looking congested and making it difficult to move around in an emergency. Fortunately, most of the latest medical carts are portable and so you can place them anywhere in your facility without causing an obstruction. This also means that you do not have to install a medical cart in every room because your medical staff can use one cart to attend to multiple patients in different rooms.

However, some rooms require their own medical carts, such as isolation rooms and emergency rooms. Since isolation rooms host patients with contagious diseases that can easily spread to other parts of your medical facility, you need to have stationery isolation carts that will serve patients in each isolation room. In that case, you need to consider the size and capacity of your medical carts to ensure that they do not use up all the space in your isolation rooms, or the hallways just outside.

Also, make sure that the medical carts you choose have enough capacity to carry all your medical supplies and tools conveniently, as they vary in size, ranging from a single row of shelves to double shelves on both sides. But you can ask for customized medical carts that will suit your hospital’s workflow needs and space.

Materials and Design

A good medical cart should be made from high-quality materials that will prolong its lifespan and require little maintenance. The materials used should also be easy to clean so that the medical carts do not serve as transmitters of pathogens in your medical facility. It is very easy for a medical cart to transfer contagious pathogens from one part of the hospital to another, especially if it is not sanitized.

Fortunately, most of the latest medical carts are made from heavy-duty aluminum, smooth plastic, powder-coated steel, or polymer materials. These materials are easy to clean and require little maintenance. They also make it difficult for pathogens to survive on the carts. However, ensure that your medical carts are designed in a way that makes them easy to clean. For instance, your medical carts should not have any nooks and crannies where pathogens can hide.

Extra Workspace

When attending to patients, your medical staff needs enough surface to place their devices and medical items. Therefore, you should choose medical carts that have an extra surface at the top that your medical professionals can use as their workspace. This space could be a flat, clear surface on top of the cart, such as a drawer, or shelf inside the cart that can be pulled out and pushed in without using the secure locking system.

That way, the medical professional can easily retrieve their items and paperwork without unlocking the cart or logging into the locking system. An extra workspace at the top of the medical cart also eliminates the need to have a separate workspace in the patient’s room. It also helps your medical workers to save time by eliminating the need to keep moving to and from the patient’s bed whenever your nurses and other medical professionals want to run diagnostics or fill in some patient details.

In summary, your medical carts need to have all the necessary features that make them more efficient and reliable. If you work with a well known manufacturer of medical carts like Waterloo, you are guaranteed to get carts with highly advanced features that will make your daily operations easier and better.