Modern hospitals and clinics are extremely sophisticated environments and therefore require equally sophisticated equipment like medical utility carts. These carts are specialized trolleys designed to help the medical professionals in your facility store and transport medical supplies from one patient’s room to another. These medical carts are commonly found in operating rooms, patient rooms, emergency rooms, and medical isolation rooms.

Also, there are different types of medical carts, and each type is designed for specific purposes. So, before you buy any medical cart for your hospital, you need to be certain about the functions that it’s supposed to perform and the level of its performance. Continue reading to know what medical carts are used for.

What Are Medical Carts Used for?

Firstly, what are medical carts and their use? Medical carts have transformed the way modern health facilities operate and handle patients. Since they are mobile, medical carts help medical practitioners to safely and conveniently transport medical supplies and equipment from one patient room to another. However, you need to understand that each type has its specific purpose and features of medical carts. So, when you are looking for a cart for your hospital, make sure that it is designed for the specific function you need it to perform. Here are some functions of medical carts.

Storing Medical Supplies In Isolation Rooms

An isolation cart is used in an isolation room where patients who are in critical condition or suffering from highly infectious diseases are kept to avoid the spread of the pathogens to other parts of the medical facility. Isolation is part of public health practices. To ensure that the patients in isolation continue to receive the necessary medical care without exposing other people to contagious diseases, hospitals place fully loaded isolation carts in every isolation room in their facility.

An isolation cart has multiple drawers that are clearly labeled with the contents in them. There are several important items that every functional isolation cart should have, including gloves, masks, gowns, face shields, among others. These carts should also be uniquely designed to make them easy to identify in the isolation room. They should also be placed at the door of your isolation room to allow your medical staff to put on their protective gear before they come into contact with the patients.

Holding Tools Necessary For Surgical Procedures

When your surgeons are operating on patients, they need to have all the surgical tools and supplies readily available. For instance, if a procedure requires the administration of anesthesia, your anesthesiologist will need all the anesthesia tools and medicine readily available before, during, and after the procedure. This can only be achieved if you have a well-organized anesthesia cart in your hospital.

It also makes the work of administering anesthesia easy and more convenient because your anesthesiologists will have all their tools in one simple, movable location. Sometimes patients undergoing surgery need to be taken out of their anesthetized state immediately and this may not be possible if you do not have a fully loaded and well-organized anesthesia cart readily accessible. The good thing about modern anesthesia carts is that they are designed for easy transportation between different operating rooms and can be used in multiple rooms.

Transporting And Dispensing Medication And Tools In An Emergency

Every reputable hospital or clinic needs to equip all its emergency rooms with fully loaded crash carts to ensure that patients get all the support they need during an emergency. A crash cart ensures that medical professionals have direct access to all the necessary medical tools and medication to save a patient’s life. For example, a crash cart carries devices and tools needed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

This cart will also enhance your hospital’s efficiency in handling emergencies by allowing your medical staff to save time, which increases their chances of saving a life. While the content and organization of a crash cart vary from one hospital to another, there are specific items that every crash cart should have including a defibrillator, suction device, bag-valve-mask, advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) drugs, first-line drugs, among others.  

Storing Medicine

Instead of going to and from the central supply store for medicine every time you want to treat a patient, you should install several supply carts in your hospital where your medical staff can store medicine and other supplies. This improves the efficiency of your medical facility by ensuring that your medical professionals have enough time to attend to patients without running up and down in search of medicine and other medical supplies.

A supply cart also serves as the storage for controlled substances that can land your hospital in trouble if they fall into the wrong hands. For such medical supplies, you need a secure place where only authorized persons can access them. Fortunately, modern supply carts have secure locking systems that ensure people without authorization cannot access the contents inside.

The Importance Of Having Medical Carts

Mobile medical carts are revolutionizing healthcare by allowing medical professionals to carry out their duties easily, quickly, and conveniently. They’ve also made it possible for patients to receive better and more reliable medical care. Here are some reasons you should have all the necessary medical carts in your hospital or clinic.

Improved Patient Experience

With medical carts, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals can spend more time with patients without worrying about running out of medical supplies while in the middle of an operation or a medical emergency. This gives patients hope and confidence that their situation is being handled professionally. It also allows patients to interact with their doctors so that they can ask them questions.

Better Efficiency

Since medical carts are portable, they allow your medical staff to attend to multiple patients without having to take a detour to a nurses or supply station after every patient.


Most medical carts have advanced features that allow doctors to do diagnostics in the patient’s room. For instance, they carry ultrasound machines and other devices to allow your medical staff to check the patient’s vitals in the room.

In summary, medical carts will help your facility to render healthcare services easily and more conveniently by ensuring that your medical staff has all the supplies in one simple, portable location. With a reliable and popular brand like Waterloo, you are assured of getting all the best options for your medical carts.