Medical facilities require different types of carts for emergency rooms, isolation rooms, pediatric care, patient bed-site support, and other treatment rooms. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right cart on hand and ready to go. One of the most essential carts in a medical facility is the anesthesia cart. 

For anesthesia carts, it’s best to have them fully stocked and standardized across your entire fleet. This helps streamline and enhance the patient care process. One of the most effective ways to customize your cart is to install anesthesia cart drawer dividers. These dividers allow you to easily organize all the supplies you’ll need to have on hand, know when your supply stock is low, and save time in an emergency when seconds can make the difference between life and death. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of having drawer dividers in your anesthesia carts.

Importance Of Having Anesthesia Cart Drawer Dividers

Anesthesiologists need rapid access to various medications depending on the situation they encounter. That’s why as a responsible medical facility you must provide your staff with organized anesthesia carts. It will enable your staff to obtain the specific sedation drugs and equipment they require easily and rapidly. Your cart’s drawers must have dividers that allow your staff to easily organize their medical supplies. Here are the benefits of using anesthesia cart drawer dividers.

Saving Time

Since anesthesia carts are primarily used in emergency rooms where time is of the essence, your carts should be organized in a way that enables medical staff to find what they need instantly. If the carts are disorganized, your staff will have difficulty finding the specific sedative drug or tools they need to treat patients who require immediate medical attention.

With cart drawer dividers, everything will be stored in its specific compartment where healthcare providers can easily access it. Moreover, these dividers can be labeled to make it even easier for staff to know what’s inside each drawer. These dividers can make all the difference when you are faced with an emergency.  

Create Extra Storage Space

Anesthesia cart drawer dividers help you to utilize all the available space in your drawers. When cart supplies are mixed up and poorly organized, it will feel like there’s not enough space for everything you need. That’s why you need to ensure that everything is organized and stored properly. A drawer divider enables you to keep everything tidy, ensuring that every space is properly utilized. You will be surprised at how much free space is created when you install dividers in your cart drawers.  

Organize Your Work Surface

Your medical staff needs a clean and well-organized cart top work surface. But this can’t be achieved if space is cluttered with supplies that could easily be stored underneath. With anesthesia cart drawer dividers, your staff will be able to store all their supplies neatly instead of leaving them lying on the work surface or counters.

Keep Track Of Your Supplies

When you store all your medical supplies in a single drawer without the dividers, it becomes difficult for your staff to know which items need to be restocked. But with everything neatly stored in its labeled compartment, you will see when your stock is running low so that you can contact the central supply department for a refill.

The last thing you want to have happen is for your anesthesiologists to be unexpectedly out of the drugs they need when treating patients. Before your staff ends their shift, they should check their supplies to see if any need to be replenished. This becomes easy with the use of drawer dividers.

Create Extra Space Within Drawers

Some of the anesthesia cart drawer dividers are meant to divide the inside of a drawer in half. This helps to create additional organizational space within drawers. This can be done so you can easily store sedatives and protective items in the same drawer.

Separate Medical Supplies

If you want to store two different types of anesthesia medications in one drawer, you’ll need to separate them with a drawer divider for safety. For instance, one set of drawer dividers can hold pre-measured doses and specific types of drugs for kids, while the other one can hold drugs for adult patients. It is not only risky to store these drugs together without a divider but also impractical. 


Remember that anesthesia drawer dividers come in different shapes, designs, and sizes to help you customize your anesthesia cart drawers. The size and shape of the drawer dividers you choose will be determined by the type of medical supplies you want to store in them. Here at Waterloo, we offer multiple kinds of drawer dividers, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.