Purpose-Built and Unique Designs

Waterloo Healthcare is unique in our industry because we are a true manufacturer of medical procedure carts serving the healthcare market – from the largest hospitals to the smallest clinics. Our carts are built from the ground up with raw sheet metal that enters one side of our factory and our fully built and completed carts exit out the other side.

Waterloo Products

Drawer configurations are unique to each procedure, but why should you have to pay extra for yours? We don’t think you should! Other manufacturers charge a “per cart” premium for drawer configurations that deviate from what’s shown on their website or in their catalog. At Waterloo, we do not financially penalize a customer for wanting a unique drawer configuration. That’s all part of the value of dealing with a true manufacturer.

Waterloo carts also stand out from the competition by including side shelves and drawer dividers at no extra cost.

  • Our sturdy yet economical steel carts come standard with one slide-out shelf (which competitors’ carts do not include)
  • Our premium aluminum carts come standard with 2 slide-out side shelves as well as metal drawer dividers in each drawer (other features our competitors do not automatically include)

Easy to Work With

Waterloo Healthcare products are available through all major healthcare distributors, which allows our customers to source our products through their preferred distributor partners. Being able to purchase through a customer’s preferred distributor ultimately provides several key benefits including:

  • Lower acquisition cost based on the distributor’s contract pricing – Our best discounts are available through our distributors. Your facility may benefit from volume discounts available from your preferred healthcare distributor.
  • One-Stop Shopping – Because our distributor partners handle a wide variety of medical products, sourcing your Waterloo Healthcare carts through them can reduce the need to issue multiple purchase orders on larger projects, saving time and money while adding efficiency to the ordering process.
  • Local Distributor Representatives – Your preferred distributor rep is likely on-site on a regular basis, making cart consultation very convenient. Configuring a procedure cart isn’t rocket science, but there are a fair number of options to consider. From drawer configuration to color and locking options (just to name a few), there is a lot to consider and decide. Having a familiar local distributor representative readily available is a definite benefit!