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See examples below of how customers have optimized their carts.

Customer: Rush University Medical Center
Cart Purpose: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Cart

Mobile storage platform that securely stores evidence collection kits, mobile camera and related supplies. The “Chain of custody” must be maintained such that once evidence is collected, only authorized clinical staff or law enforcement have access to the sealed kits. The hospital also wanted to eliminate the central storage locker for these supplies as it was inefficient for staff to have to fetch the necessary items to conduct an exam.

Waterloo worked with hospital staff to develop a cart that met the above needs. First we determined the proper drawer configuration to house the needed supplies. Next we developed a locking solution that secured cart contents; allowed for audit trails to track access and provided tamper evidence to alert staff if a cart has been unlocked.  Tamper evidence was achieved through a 12” gatelock with breakaway tabs secured to cover the top three drawers of the cart.

A major benefit is that now all SANE supplies can be brought directly into the patient room and clinical staff do not have to make several trips in and out of the room.  Additionally, once evidence is collected it is immediately secured in the bottom drawer in the presence of the patient.  This maintains the “Chain of custody” which is a primary goal of this unique solution!

Customer: Cerner
Cart Purpose: RxStation Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet

Cerner was looking for an existing product that could be modified to fit its specific needs: They wanted to offer similar medication dispensing and administration inside of an operating room via a mobile platform.

After successful collaboration, prototyping, and testing between Cerner and Bergmann’s development teams, the RxStation Anesthesia Cart became generally available in 2017. This product is a modified version of the Phoenix LTC “StatSafe” product, but utilizes Cerner’s advanced technology to control access to the Anesthesia Cart drawers and bins while fully integrating with Cerner’s core product line.

Cerner Cart

Customer: Medline Industries, Inc.
Cart Purpose: Isolation Product Dispensing Station

Medline had worked with a custom wood-based products manufacturer to produce initial prototypes of this cart. Shortly after deploying these test units in the field, Medline found that this wood cart was not going to stand up long-term in a hospital environment.

Medline contacted Bergmann Group to discuss re-engineering this product from lightweight aluminum rather than wood. Bergmann Group worked with Medline and produced several variations of this isolation product dispenser. The final product was a visually appealing cart made from aluminum and acrylic but included a wood-like vinyl wrap over portions of the product. Medline has experienced great success with this product in the competitive marketplace of isolation product dispensing.