As the number of Covid-19 admissions in the United States continues to increase, many hospitals are having difficulties stocking enough supplies, especially the items needed by healthcare professionals to deliver their services safely and effectively. This is often due to a lack of proper storage solutions.

To remedy the situation, Medline has come up with reliable medical storage solutions, including hospital isolation carts that enable healthcare providers to store essential tools and medical supplies directly outside isolation rooms. Here are some of the reasons why Medline isolation carts are so popular.

A Variety Of Options

Unlike other brands of hospital isolation carts, Medline carts are available in various styles and designs, giving you different options to choose from. For instance, they have different drawer sizes and colors to meet all your medical storage needs. Their isolation carts come already assembled, so you’ll just need to lift the top off and start stocking the items you’ll need.

You can choose between aluminum and steel carts. The aluminum carts are made from the same high-grade aluminum as commercial airliners. Since aluminum plates are lightweight, these isolation carts are easy to push. Another benefit of choosing Medline aluminum isolation carts is that they offer twice the workspace when compared to other standard isolation carts.

These isolation carts come in two main sizes: 29″ W x 24.5″ D (Elite Aluminum Unicarts) and 23″ W x 24.5″ D (Elite Aluminum Med. Jr. Carts). The elite aluminum isolation carts from Medline offer maximum speed and efficiency. Furthermore, they provide excellent organization with their built-in U-dividers in each drawer.

On the other hand, Medline steel isolation carts offer most of the amazing features of their aluminum counterparts, but at a more affordable price. Although they do not have the two built-in slide-out shelves and drawer dividers, they are solid and economical. These Medline carts are also available in two main sizes: 29″ W x 24.5″ D (Steel Unicarts) and 23″ W x 24.5″ D (Steel Med Jr. Carts). With the two options, you are guaranteed to find the best isolation cart for your needs. 

Security Locking Systems

To keep your medical supplies and tools secure, Medline offers multiple types of reliable locking systems. Whether you want electronic controlled cart access or just a modest, tamper-evident lock, they’ve got what you need. They even offer customized solutions that will enable you to lock certain drawers independently. For example, getting an isolation cart with a separate tamper-evident splinter lock on the top pharmacy drawer is possible. They will install it for you by simply adding gate locks to any drawer.

Moreover, these carts have some specific drawers with locks that are Wi-Fi enabled. This means that a code or proximity card is needed to access these drawers. These are the drawers where you store controlled substances and other valuable medical tools and supplies. Also, you can change the passcodes remotely and access usage activity from a central server so that you can know who has accessed the drawer. Additionally, all key locks and key-override locks are set differently.

Durable Finishes

Every Medline isolation cart is coated with a highly resilient powder paint designed to endure the demands of the medical environment. This paint is meant to withstand harsh cleaning solvents, especially those used in the central sanitary supply to scrub the surface. There are 16 beautiful finishes to choose from. Plus, you are free to mix and match different drawer colors on one isolation cart. This enables you to customize your cart for particular applications or to match with a specific décor.

Maximum Storage

Whether you want the storage capacity of a full-size isolation cart or the more efficient use of space provided by Medline Jr. carts, you can find exactly what you want. These Medline isolation carts offer secure storage for caps, gowns, masks, gloves, glove box holders, wastebaskets, coat hooks, and other medical supplies.

Since isolation carts are designed to hold bulky items, your carts need deep and spacious drawers that allow you to store all the required equipment for handling patients. Also, you need an isolation cart that doesn’t occupy too much space in your facility. With the variety and customization of Medline carts, there is sure to be one that meets your needs.