Armstrong Medical Industries Cart

Armstrong Medical Industries Cart was founded in 1957, and unlike Waterloo, they are not a true manufacturer. Their carts are private labeled and manufactured for them under a contract from a local metal fabricator. Armstrong is a mid-sized distributor that got their start selling CPR manikins. They have since added many new product lines and service Hospitals, Long-term care and Emergency Medical Services markets. They also sell through a direct sales force, with approximately 30 reps across the country, whereas Waterloo

Unlike Waterloo Healthcare, they sell a wide variety of products, so medical carts are not their exclusive focus. Other advantages of Waterloo carts are that we do not charge for custom drawer configurations, while Armstrong does. Here are some other key differences between Waterloo Healthcare and Armstrong Medical:

  • Armstrong steel carts do NOT include a side shelf as does Waterloo
  • Armstrong aluminum carts come with a slide out shelf that pulls out on one side of the cart or the other. Whereas Waterloo aluminum carts come standard with TWO independent side shelves that can effectively double the total cart top work surface.
  • Armstrong carts have a two part rubber wrapped metal bumper that can delaminate over time
  • Armstrong Aluminum carts do not include metal drawer dividers as do Waterloo carts
  • Armstrong carts are not available through major distributors and GPO contract
  • Armstrong does not offer a malignant hyperthermia cart
  • Armstrong does not offer phlebotomy carts
  • Armstrong does not offer medication carts
  • Armstrong does not offer full wood grain carts

Armstrong carts do not offer a “Transport Lock” for their emergency carts. Our centralized lever-lock provides easy access for your tamper evident breakaway seals. It also serves as a “Transport Lock”, keeping heavy fluid drawers secure during transport AND offers unequaled protection against theft. Whether you are looking for Emergency carts, Anesthesia carts, Isolation carts, Bedside carts, Phlebotomy carts, Medication carts or more specialized treatment carts, Waterloo Healthcare has you covered! We can customize and build the perfect cart to fit your needs. We also offer a wide variety of accessories that can be factory mounted, allowing our customers to roll their carts immediately into service upon delivery, facilitating a seamless exchange to new fleet of fully outfitted procedure carts. This is just another advantage to buying Waterloo medical carts.

Hand-building our carts allow for more flexibility and customized design requirements. There are many features that are exclusive to Waterloo Aluminum Carts. Built-in drawer dividers eliminate the need for expensive plastic drawer trays and allow for out-of-the-box customization. Dual slide out shelves effectively doubles the work space on top the cart, creating room for charting/documentation on one side and an area to draw up meds or prep equipment on the other. Our new larger drawer handle design is easier to grab and has an aesthetically appealing curved design. We also provide a cutaway front plastic top that is ergonomically advantageous and helps minimize wrist stress. Nylon reinforced polycarbonate bumpers are incredibly durable yet extremely lightweight and will not rust.

Another benefit to purchasing Waterloo medical carts is that, unlike Armstrong Medical or other brands like Blue Bell, we understand there are times when our customers require products sooner than our standard lead time. When that’s the case, we offer a selection of common configurations ready for quick shipment. These medical carts are usually ready to ship within a week or less!