Blue Bell Bio Medical Carts

Founded in 1982, but no longer in business, some of Blue Bell Bio Medical Carts remaining inventory is still offered online. They focused heavily on the anesthesia market within a hospital, with an emphasis on lots of tray and divider options as well as unique accessories for anesthesia carts. If you are looking for a Malignant Hyperthermia Cart, Phlebotomy Cart or Medication Cart – Waterloo Healthcare is the way to go. Unlike Blue Bell we offer all of these options and more!

Unlike Waterloo Healthcare carts, Blue Bell steel carts do NOT include side shelves. Blue Bell does not offer aluminum carts either. Although steel carts offer a great blend of functionality and economy, they do not compare to the lightweight, high-mobility that aluminum carts provide. Other disadvantages to Blue Bell medical carts include:

  • A two part rubber wrapped metal bumper that can delaminate over time
  • Blue Bell carts do not include metal drawer dividers as do Waterloo aluminum carts
  • Blue Bell does not offer full wood grain carts
  • Blue Bell carts do not come with auto-closing drawer glides

All Waterloo carts come standard with a key lock or lever lock. Something Blue Bell carts do not provide. Lever locks are designed to be used with plastic tamper evident seals (these are typically for crash carts, but can be used anywhere that “tamper evidence” is required).  For additional tamper evidence needs Waterloo Healthcare offers individual gate locks to each drawer that allows customers to independently secure drawers. This offers added benefit for the supply team because they can easily identify which drawers were accessed. So they only have to restock those drawers, making restocking carts quick and efficient. Resupply times are greatly reduced and your medical carts can quickly get back into service! Personalize your carts even further by choosing from our 16 available drawer colors, making it easier to identify carts for specific procedures.

Another benefit to purchasing Waterloo medical carts is that, unlike Blue Bell or other brands like Armstrong Medical or Herman Miller, our carts are available through major distributors and GPOs, which helps improve cost savings, makes purchases more efficient and allows for more consistent pricing. We also offer multiple security options. Whether you need controlled cart access or simple tamper evident locks, we have a locking configuration to meet your needs. All key locks are keyed differently unless customers request them to be keyed the same.Choose from a standards key lock, mechanical push button, lever lock with breakaway seal, gate locking systems to a wide variety of advanced electronic locking systems.

So, whether you are looking for emergency carts, anesthesia carts, isolation carts, bedside carts, phlebotomy carts, medication carts or specialized treatment carts, Waterloo Healthcare has you covered!