Rapid and organized response to a cardiac emergency is essential. Crash carts come in all shapes and sizes, and Waterloo manufactures a wide variety of cart models designed to fit your specific facilities and needs.

Waterloo healthcare has been manufacturing emergency carts for over 50 years and uses only the highest quality parts!

Crash Carts, Code Carts, Resuscitation Carts, Code Blue carts, Emergency Carts, CPR Carts…just a few of the names our customers use to describe what is arguably the most important procedure cart in any hospital.

The emergency crash cart’s humble beginnings were born out of necessity. Just as ambulances were needed to get life-saving supplies and medical equipment to people in need outside of the hospital, crash carts are needed to get life-saving emergency items to patients within a hospital. Oftentimes cardiac/respiratory emergencies in a hospital occur outside of a patient room, in hallways, stairwells, parking lots, etc. Having a mobile storage solution that can be rapidly rolled to a patient’s location can dramatically impact the success of resuscitation efforts. The first crash carts were “Tool carts” like the ones manufactured by Waterloo Healthcare!

Our crash carts come in a variety of sizes and configurations. We offer two types of cart construction (Aluminum or steel), four different cart heights, three cart widths, and a wide variety of drawer configurations, drawer colors, locks, and other features that will allow you to create the perfect emergency cart for your medical needs.

Which is right for you, an aluminum or steel crash cart? Aluminum offers a lightweight platform that is perfect for carts that are highly mobile, such as emergency carts. They also offer drawer dividers of various sizes, large contemporary drawer pulls, and a modular accessory mounting system. Our aluminum carts also come standard with two independent pull-out side shelves that virtually double your cart top work surface. Steel offers a great blend of functionality and economy. It is the “tried and true” workhorse crash cart of the Waterloo healthcare offering and has been around for over 50 years. Steel carts include one slide-out side shelf that provides an additional cart top work surface for holding medications and other patient care accessories. Both aluminum and steel crash carts carry the same five-year warranty; they are equally durable and will provide many years of reliable medical service.

Keep Medical Equipment and Medications Safe In A Crash Cart

Let’s talk crash cart locks! Our emergency crash carts come with a standard transport lock that keeps drawers secure during rapid transit. Our crash cart transport lock is unique in the industry and offers significant advantages. Rapid response is essential to saving lives. As a result, crash carts are pushed at high speeds throughout the hospital. When cornering at high speed, the weight of a fully stocked drawer can cause it to fly open, putting medical staff and patients’ health at risk. Not the case with our exclusive “Transport Lock.” When engaged, our crash cart drawers stay secure no matter how quickly you push the cart through your medical facilities. They even prevent pilferage of medications or supplies when carts sit idle.

Minimize the time needed to restock a code cart through individual “tamper-evident” gate locks. Crash Cart drawers that haven’t been opened during a code will remain sealed and not need to be inventoried or restocked. This can be especially helpful for medication drawers where the pharmacy is involved. The pharmacy can resupply the crash cart medication drawer and individually seal it before the cart is rolled down to Central Supply for general restocking. Individual gate locks can dramatically improve the efficiency (and security) of any crash or code cart exchange program!

To speed emergency response times, clinicians must be able to identify the carts from any vantage point within the hospital. With many other procedure carts in a hallway, it can be hard to determine which is the crash cart as most supply carts have light gray cabinets. From the side, these medical carts look alike. Traditionally emergency carts are ALL RED or ALL BLUE, making them highly visible in an emergency. Waterloo crash and code carts come in your choice of ALL RED or ALL BLUE to match your particular preference.

Medical accessories such as IV poles, Cardiac Boards, Oxygen tank holders, suction shelves, power strips, waste bins, trays, and dividers are accessories available to further enhance the functionality of your emergency carts, depending on your crash cart uses and requirements. We offer all the essential medical accessories you may find necessary on your crash carts. If you wish to mount your defibrillator to the top of our cart, we have a 360 swivel shelf that elevates the defibrillator off the top of the cart. This not only frees up additional work surface on the crash cart but the 360 degree swivel shelf allows you to orient the monitor to the optimal position for use in a code blue event. Factor in the two included side shelves on our aluminum carts and one included side shelf on our steel cart, and you’ll find the storage and work surface on a crash cart from Waterloo Healthcare to be unmatched in the medical industry! Our crash carts provide ample storage and large workstations.

Crash cart exchange trays and security bags allow for rapid restocking of medications and equipment, along with quick cart turnaround. Waterloo offers a variety of divided drawer trays that can be pre-stocked with medications and supplies and stored in central supply for quick exchange. Couple our exchange trays with our individual security bags, and you have a fast and secure exchange system that minimizes code cart downtime. Implementing an exchange tray system may allow you to maintain a smaller cart fleet as you can turn them around quicker in close quarters. This can free up space in your central supply holding area.

Waterloo also offers its innovative ER-2000 crash cart in our emergency series. This cart was designed as a “Full access” cart. Which means when you depress the large center-positioned yellow button, the tamper-evident seal breaks, and the cart doors open to reveal a full view of the entire contents of the cart. Each crash cart drawer is designed and labeled for a specific procedure, and they are fully removable so that you can order them in any position as needed around the scene of the code. From the top-down, the drawers can be labeled as “AIRWAY”, “BREATHING”, CIRCULATION”, “PERSONAL PROTECTION”, and “MISC”. We even include these labels! Of course, customers can label the drawers in any manner they would like based on their particular medical procedures. Additionally, the ER-2000 series includes an IV pole, oxygen tank bracket, and a cardiac board, so this kit is ready to roll right out of the packaging!

Waterloo takes crash carts very seriously. We consider them to be the backbone of our product line and one that we are VERY proud of. As a crash cart manufacturer, we are always looking for ways to improve the functionality of our carts in an effort to speed the response times of the clinicians who use them. Ultimately, this results in improved patient outcomes, which is something we strive towards with every Waterloo Healthcare product!

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