Steel or Aluminum? Which is the Best Material for Your Next Medical Cart?

When choosing a material for your next Waterloo medical cart, one of the options you’ll encounter is whether you should select steel or aluminum construction.  To make the right decision, you’ll need to consider several factors relative to the intended use of your medical cart. Some of these considerations include mobility, any potential future need to add accessories, aesthetics, the need for a larger work surface, and our drawer dividers (which we highly recommend) are just some of the requirements you’ll need to investigate.  Simply put: If budget is the most important factor in your decision, then a steel cart would be your initial starting point.  But hold on just a moment because there are some criteria that could make an aluminum cart the right choice, even in the face of a challenging budget.  We’ll investigate some of those criteria within this article.  The Waterloo traditional steel procedure cart [...]

Are your code carts ready to save a life?

Code carts don’t save lives -- well-trained clinicians do. But even well-trained clinicians may not be able to save lives if the supplies they need are not well organized and easily accessible in a properly operating code cart. Let’s look at three key factors in improving patient outcomes during a “Code Blue”. THE CART Does it hold everything needed for your staff to treat your patients in a “Code Blue” event? In order to ensure your clinicians can effectively treat their patients, it is important to make sure that all needed supplies are readily available on your code cart. This means that ALL vital supplies and equipment are securely stored within or on the code cart. It is not recommended to have a separate cart for your defibrillator, oxygen, respiratory equipment, or medications as it requires additional staff to transport each of these life-saving measures to [...]


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