Features to Look for in a Medical Cart

Medical carts are among the most important investments that a hospital has to make. They are designed to make your work of attending to patients easier, quicker, and more convenient. With the best medical carts, your staff will be able to attend to multiple patients without taking a detour after each patient to refill their [...]

What Are Medical Carts?

With the ongoing advances in the medical field, medical practitioners can now perform their duties quickly and more conveniently. A good example is the development of medical carts. These carts have become very common in patients’ rooms, as they make the work of attending to patients easier. There is a wide variety of mobile medical [...]

How To Arrange A Crash Cart

Also referred to as a code cart or MAX cart, a crash cart is a portable trolley designed to store and dispense medication and other medical supplies during an emergency medical situation. When your doctors and nurses are trying to save the life of a patient who is in critical condition, every second matters. Therefore, [...]

Where Are Crash Carts Located?

If your medical facility treats patients who face the risk of sudden deterioration of their conditions, you need to have a few crash carts. The purpose of a crash cart is to store and transport medical supplies that are needed during an emergency. Having all the necessary tools and supplies in one simple and portable [...]

What Are Medical Carts Used for?

Modern hospitals and clinics are extremely sophisticated environments and therefore require equally sophisticated equipment like medical utility carts. These carts are specialized trolleys designed to help the medical professionals in your facility store and transport medical supplies from one patient’s room to another. These medical carts are commonly found in operating rooms, patient rooms, emergency [...]

How To Use A Crash Cart

A crash cart is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a medical facility. It is a portable trolley with a set of drawers that medical professionals use to store and transport medical supplies in the emergency room when attending to patients who require emergency attention. However, the items stored in a crash [...]


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