Our sole focus is on manufacturing the best possible aluminum and steel procedure carts for the medical industry. Without the distraction of other unrelated product lines we have been able to accomplish this goal for well over 40 years.

Waterloo Healthcare’s singular purpose is to address the ever-changing requirements of our long-time customers in healthcare. As requirements for security and the need for rapid access to critical supplies change we are poised and ready to create a purpose built cart for you. Our in-house staff of engineers pride themselves on their ability to create custom designs for our customers. If we don’t have a cart or accessory that serves your unique needs, chances are we can design something for you.

Waterloo offers a bumper to bumper FIVE YEAR warranty that stands out in the industry. More than likely your facility already has Waterloo carts that have been serving you for years. We know of Waterloo carts manufactured in the 1970’s that are still in service today...a testament to the quality we build into each and every cart we manufacture!

Let’s face it, carts aren’t rocket science, but getting the right configuration that will facilitate your staff’s needs can seem like it. That’s why our customer support team, national distributors and field sales reps are available to meet with you to help you match the right Waterloo cart for the job.

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